2021-11-13 Sender:Mark Louis L. Notorio-> "Done"

2020-03-14 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..The lesson for you to study while our class suspension is on going is the principles of troubleshooting lesson found at the right column topic link at the bottom part of it..This can also help you in your on going home-based troubleshooting projectivity..thanks."

2020-03-12 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1st yr..Study the Infrared On-Off Switch Operational Principle which I made for everyone's understanding of how your project works. That can be found at the right column topic link at the bottom..thanks"

2020-03-12 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga DDGT 2nd yr..Study the Parallel Circuit Lesson 1 at home during this time our class suspension is on going. This topic is included in your midterm exam. Please click the topic found at the right column bottom links..thanks"

2020-03-09 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1st yr..You are all allowed to work on the design and layout of your project even beyond our class hours to give your projectivity an enough time extension..thanks"

2020-03-09 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga DDGT 2nd yr..Be ready for the quiz tomorrow..It will be recorded whatever score you might get..thanks"

2020-03-01 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..Bring your ATX PC power supply tomorrow as it will be considered as your projectivity. You will start it as early as next week for you to have enough time for troubleshooting activity sessions. Bring also some capacitors..thanks."

2020-02-28 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1st yr..The schematic diagram of the proposed midterm project is already available on this website. Please find it below this announcement board with a name "any remote controller"..thanks."

2020-02-25 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1st yr..Study the half wave and full wave voltage doubler circuit operations and series and parallel diode connections. Those will be our topics of discussion tomorrow..thanks"

2020-02-23 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..You will have a quiz tomorrow followed by a discussion about the principle of troubleshooting before the continuation of your 3rd Lab activity finalization on bond paper..thanks."

2020-02-18 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga DDGT 2nd yr..Be ready for a quiz today about last meeting discussion..thanks"

2020-02-16 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..The conversion of actual circuit board to schematic lab activity will continue tomorrow. Prepare and bring necessary tools and materials needed for the said activity..Be prepared also for the quiz..thanks."

2020-02-15 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1st yr..I'd like to inform you that the result of your last written quiz is now ready for you to see..thanks."

2020-02-08 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..I remind you again about the second analog tester online quiz and it is now about ohmmeter scale..thanks."

2020-02-05 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 1A..Be ready for an oral quiz today about diode and rectifier circuits..thanks"

2020-02-03 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..Review the previous lesson we tackled last meeting and study the contents of this link..https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-main-difference-between-electrical-and-electronics-1..because you will have activity tomorrow regarding it..thanks"

2020-01-31 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga DDGT 2B, EXT 1A and EXT 2B..You can now use your individual password to view your own record..thanks."

2020-01-30 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 2nd yr..I remind you about the online tester's scale quiz you are all required to take..thanks."

2020-01-17 Sender:Sir Demy-> "This marks the end of the first semester S.Y. 2019-2020 class info-nouncements"

2019-12-05 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..You will have your final exam tomorrow..Be ready..thanks"

2019-11-25 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..Tomorrow you will do your final activity by trying to fix or repair/reinstall the library's CCTV cam..thanks."

2019-11-11 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..Submit your compiled summary presentation in a flash drive I gave to you and be ready for a quiz..thanks"

2019-11-08 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..Be ready for the oral quiz tomorrow..thanks"

2019-11-04 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..We'll have discussion tomorrow..Don't be absent and come early..thanks"

2019-10-29 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr and 4th yr..Please refer to the schedule of your faculty evaluation below..thanks"

2019-10-21 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..The deadline of submission of your midterm project is on wenesday..thanks"

2019-10-21 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..The last 3 presentors among you will do it tomorrow..thanks"

2019-10-17 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..Your midterm examination is set on this coming Saturday. Come early at 10am because I will divide you into 3 batches. Thanks.."

2019-10-15 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..Bring your laptop tomorrow..we will have discussion about multisim in the morning..and you continue with your project in the afternoon..thanks."

2019-10-14 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..Your activity for tomorrow will be the individual assembly of your project on the breadboard..thanks"

2019-10-14 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..Each group must bring laptop and other needed materials according to the project website suggestion..thanks"

2019-10-12 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Si Arjhay naging ohm's law calculator background model na ngayon.."

2019-10-03 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..Make your topic presentation ready for tomorrow..thankd"

2019-09-30 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr and 3rd yr..Bring your cleaning rag and floor wax for the campus hilamos tomorrow..thanks"

2019-09-28 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..I am not able to meet you today because I have a flu..I already sent message to jerame on messenger at 5 am, hope she has read it."

2019-09-26 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..Don't forget to bring needed tools and materials for your soldering lab activity on Saturday (first batch and second batch)..thanks "

2019-09-26 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr.. You'll have a quiz tomorrow, be on time, coz no punctuality no quiz will be implemented..thanks"

2019-09-23 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..You'll have quiz tomorrow at the early time of class period..no punctuality-no quiz policy..thanks"

2019-09-23 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..The schematic diagram of Electronic Circuit Breaker is already available online at the bottom part of the right column topic link..Study it since it's the basis of your quiz..thanks "

2019-09-20 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..We will not meet tomorrow because I have important matters to finish..just practice your soldering skill in your home for the meantime. thanks"

2019-09-16 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga 4th yr..The schematic diagram of night switch as your reference to study the operation and how it is provided with its supporting components is already available..thanks"

2019-09-16 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga 3rd yr..The infographic history of audio recording is already available..You will have a quiz about it tomorrow..thanks"

2019-09-11 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga 4th yr..Just continue your activity..but with the schematic diagram of the block you design..thanks"

2019-09-06 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga FSM 2nd yr..Be prepared for an oral quiz tomorrow.."

2019-09-06 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..Don't be late for the class tomorrow..Bring all needed materials for your current lab activity..thanks"

2019-09-06 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..Don't forget to bring tomorrow your take home quiz on power electronics..Thanks"

2019-09-05 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..We might not have class tomorrow due to our seminar at social hall from 8 am to 11 am..Thanks"

2019-09-03 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr.. here is the question for your take home quiz..Explain why the use of semiconductor devices make the power conversion more efficient?"

2019-09-02 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..be prepared for a 2nd quiz tomorrow..thanks."

2019-09-02 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 4th yr..Begin your study of the concept of an electronic circuit breaker as early as now. It will be your next system design activity..thanks."

2019-09-02 Sender:Sir Demy-> "Mga EXT 3rd yr..you will have a quiz tomorrow in audio/video subject..thanks"

2019-08-31 Sir Demy "Thank you FSM 2A for uploading your lecture last meeting.."

2019-08-30 Sir Demy "Mga EXT 4th yr you have a quiz tomorrow before you continue your lab activity..thanks."

2019-08-26 Sir Demy "Mga EXT 4th yr bring the following tomorrow--long bond paper, pencil, eraser, and ruler..thanks"

2019-08-21 Sir Demy "Mga EXT 4th year bakit sa ohm's law calculator nyo inupload ung pic ng lecture nyo..hindi jan sa isa..haha.."

2019-08-20 Sir Demy "For EXT 4A our recorded audio discussion is already available at the bottom part of right column topic link"

2019-08-19 Vergel_Domingo "Lesson Notes for Audio Video Recorders uploaded Pls check EXT 3A"

2019-08-19 Sir Demy "For FSM section, your assignment is do's and don'ts in using electrical/electronic appliances..thanks"

2019-08-17 Vergel_Domingo "Hi guys! Welcome sa EXT"

2019-08-17 Rances "hello guys ! pogi ako!"

2019-05-18 Sir Demy "Everyone is welcome to join, if you have something to announce or to message for the class/classmate just say it here. Thank you!"